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Privacy Policy

At, our main objective is to make sure our visitors have a pleasant browsing experience during their visit. It is well known that many people are not used to searching for jobs on the Internet, so this website has been created with ease of use in mind and provides you with an easy way to search for jobs based on your preferences. We have designed this site to be user-friendly, so you will be able to quickly locate the information you need. We believe you should have a great experience with us, which is why we treat your personal information with the utmost respect for your privacy and protect it always. At all times, we guarantee that no information about you will be shared, disclosed, or accessed by any third party. It’s a way we do things, and it affects everything we do.

Please review our Privacy Statement below, and note that our policies are subject to change at any time.

Which kind of information does this site collect from its regular site users?

The kind of information that we collect from our regular site users includes name, email address, IP addresses, browser type, operating system, the pages’ users visit on our site, the time of day that they visit, and what content they are reading. This data is used to improve the site, as well as generate insights that can be used to develop new features and services and to administer our site.

How do we use the personal data of our visitors?

We use the personal data of our visitors to assist them in finding employment. We collect personal data such as name, email address, and job title so that we can provide you with information about jobs that match your qualifications. We also use this data to send you job alerts when new jobs matching your interests are posted. This information is also used to track user trends, target offers and advertisements, and compile a hiring database. We also use this data to improve our website and services. We believe that this is an excellent way to help people get back on their feet after being unemployed.

How do we protect the personal information of our customers?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that provides a secure connection between two computers. SSL is used to protect the personal information of our users. We also use other security measures such as firewalls, anti-virus software, etc. We want to make sure that our users’ personal information is safe and we will continue to use the best security measures possible.

Do we like to use cookies?

We like to use cookies because it helps our site to remember your preferences. This way, we can provide you with a better browsing experience and save you time by remembering your choices. Please note that disabling cookies will make it more difficult to use this website. Without cookies, certain features may not work and the site may seem less user-friendly. They allow our website to recognize the user’s browser and provide them with specific services or features. Our site uses cookies, and you agree to this if you continue to use it.

Third-Party Disclosure:

Our disclaimer for third-party services makes it clear that our job portal makes no claim to affiliation with any third-party service provider or any other job website. Our job portal is a search engine that allows visitors to view job postings from different companies and organizations. We do not endorse any specific company or organization. As a job seeker, it’s important to be aware of any potential scams or misleading content when looking for a new job. We only list job postings from our own database, and we make no claims about the quality of any of the jobs or the company/organization listed.

Third-Party Links:

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with scams and fake jobs. For this reason, we advise job seekers to use only reputable job sites that have been reviewed by our team. We urge job seekers to use our search engine and filter features on our site to find the best jobs for them. We hope this will help you find the best possible opportunities. Please note that we do not endorse any links to third-party sites, and we do not guarantee that information on other websites is accurate. Always use your own judgment and research before clicking any links.

Google Conditions:

To make sure our website is compliant with all Google guidelines, our job website uses the latest security measures and practices. Our website is regularly scanned for any malicious code or viruses, and we make sure that all personal information is kept confidential. We also use a variety of different security measures to ensure that your data remains safe while you are using our website.

CaIOPPA Policies: is a website that complies with the guidelines set forth by the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CaIOPPA). We take every precaution to protect the personal information of our users. We comply with all of the requirements outlined in CaIOPPA, and our policy is to never sell or rent user information.

Update Policy:

We reserve the right to change, modify, or discontinue any of our privacy policies at any time without prior notice. Our commitment to privacy is extremely important, and we want to ensure that you continue to use our services in the future.


Our website contains links to other websites. These other websites have policies concerning the use of their sites and the collection of data. We are not responsible for the practices of these other websites. We want to make sure you are aware of our privacy policies and how they affect you. You are required to agree to them when using our website.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our privacy policies, please Contact Us. We would love to assist you in case you have queries about our practices and procedures for handling your personal data.