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MOJ Careers – Video Hearings Support Officer and Clerk

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Job Description:

Video Hearings Support Officers provide live support to video hearings where some or all, of the participants are engaging with a hearing remotely. This provides users with the best opportunity to have their case heard without having to go into a courtroom. You will provide an accessible and inclusive service to diverse service users, ensuring video hearings are run efficiently and effectively and that users experience a proficient service, increasing confidence in digital interactions with the court.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide guidance to participants on how to use video hearings technology, using standard scripts, adapting when necessary, so that users understand what to expect
  • Act as first-line support for technical issues during the hearing; calmly but urgently responding to requests for assistance in real-time, using multiple communication channels and technology/digital means. Report technical issues to Digital & Technology Service directorate (DTS)
  • Coach users through the process, ensuring they are ready to engage with the hearing. Assist on setting up equipment for them before the hearing and respond to queries and issues. Provide further analysis and escalate complex queries as required
  • Prepare for video hearings, maintain administration rights for assigned video rooms. Make sure tribunal staff and the room are booked and available with courtroom equipment set up, ready for the hearing.
  • Liaise with tribunal users and other tribunal staff to determine requirements for sharing documents over video, ensuring they have the relevant guidance to do so. Work with tribunal listing officers and listing teams to ensure that hearings are listed effectively and accurately so that the invites to the hearing for Tribunal users contains the relevant video hearing details.
  • Share host pin details, invitations, guidance and access codes with users to let them join the hearing at the right time. Admit users; monitoring participation, muting and/or removing parties appropriately. Close hearings, removing users once the hearing has ended
  • Work flexibly and undertake other administrative duties, during the hearings if the nature of the hearing allows along with before and after the usual hearing hours.
  • Identify solutions to frequently occurring routine issues and work with the rest of the team to share knowledge, to achieve a high level of first-contact-resolution
  • To confidently assist participants in video hearings to engage fully and effectively in the hearing. Obtaining approval from the judge if a non-hearing participant wants to observe and assisting non-hearing participants to join the call, in line with the principle of ‘open justice’

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent verbal communication. Able to explain to participants how the video hearing systems and processes work calmly and patiently; explaining remedial actions to issues, resulting in increasing user confidence in digital/video processes
  • The ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Ability to use and understand technology, especially video conferencing along with common issues and pitfalls
  • Decision making. Take immediate action if needed during video hearing process to avoid delay in hearings
  • Multi-tasking. Able to administer several video hearing cases at the same time reducing waiting times and time needed to come to court
  • Stakeholder management. Maintain effective relationships with all video hearing users (judiciary, professional justice partners and service users)

Job Details:

Company: Ministry of Justice

Vacancy Type: Temporary

Job Location: Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Application Deadline: N/A

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